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Inellipse is independent software development company, founded at 2015. We are 3 years young company with 10 years of experience, as we are a spin-off from a company working in IT field since 2008. The company is founded by Prof. Ilija Jolevski, Ph.D in software engineering, located in Bitola, Republic of Macedonia. Our company provides complete spectrum of flexible offshore, onshore and near-shore resourcing services with the perfect cost-to-quality ratio. We encourage our creative developers to share their ideas and together we help them develop it. Not all of the ideas (products) are marketed or successful, but we learn from every single code line we write. We face new challenges and we celebrate every our win together.

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Software Development Agency located in Europe. Skillful in Enterprise and Big projects, Smartphone apps and full products lifecycle. Extended experience in supporting and managing in production of big systems for large customers. Cloud and new services proficient (AWS primarily, Azure, and Google Cloud P – GCP). Devops on staff. Integrations with new and legacy systems.
Most important: WE UNDERSTAND what needs to be done and we constantly OVERDELIVER”””

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