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We are Agile Software Service company having a speciality in Ruby on Rail and Javascript frameworks namely React, D3.js. Our agile & design thinking approach helps to achieve desired solution in shorter cycles but keeping the end-user experience at the centre.We also advise and consult on the choice of Technology stack, IoT, Analytics, DevOps, Agile process setup, Cloud deployment, usage of Open Source tools & libraries.

About Us

We are an Agile digital technology solutions company. Our mission is to simplify digital technology adoption for businesses.

We are Team of Champions – we collaborate, support & defend our mission. We wish to translate our passion and energy into extra ordinary results that will deliver high values to our customers and society at large. And, we as business, we expect to derive profit and growth from our endeavours.

Our emblem signifies agility, we are always on the GO. But we wish to stay grounded always to our core values, ethics and to our roots.
We are GeoGO !!

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