How to use “Social Media Listening” in your Business

Currently, evaluating digital marketing strategies is essential for optimal development and implementation of content on social networks. Analyzing, understanding and processing the tastes, interests, feelings and motivations of a community is the key to generating the necessary engagement to produce the desired brand impact.

One of the most popular tools among advertising and corporate communication agencies for the creation of original and quality content is Social Media Listening , whose main objective is to detect the topics that users demand.

Comments, reactions, opinions, user data, information about the competition are some of the primary sources on which digital monitoring is based.


In a great sea of ​​information (such as the internet) it is possible to get lost if you do not establish from the beginning what you want to investigate. Network monitoring allows, in a synthesized way, to collect, process and functionally use data such as:

  • Reactions or comments
  • Keyword mappings for SEO strategies
  • Identification of loyal customers
  • Evaluation of specific campaigns in order to enhance your brand.

To properly implement this strategy, the following aspects must be taken into account:

  • Set a monitoring objective : what do we want to investigate? Why do we want to know this information? In this first part, the reason why Social Media Listening is carried out is defined .
  • Determine which network to monitor : Facebook is not the same as Instagram, LinkedIn or Twitter. Some of the factors that influence determining the network to be monitored are how participatory the community can be, its size, and general demographic characteristics.
  • Determine what to monitor : an example can be to know the positive or negative comments of your brand, to identify needs or motivations of your community. Reactions, identification of keywords that express feelings or emotions are essential to develop a deep and quality monitoring.
  • Establish who will be listened to : segmenting your community into defined profiles is of great help to design comprehensive strategies that meet the demand of your consumers.
  • Design a strategy : the information obtained can reveal the topics to be covered in your next content marketing strategy, as well as an overview of what the competition could be doing.

Knowing the opinion of our users will give us the ability to improve their experience as clients or prospects. Social media monitoring allows us to:

  • Innovate in the development of products or services : the tastes, motivations and interests of users are constantly changing, so to be at the forefront you have to make improvements, changes and reconfigurations in areas such as design, packaging or product functionality; or in the case of service, level of satisfaction.
  • Anticipate and design a crisis plan : helps to identify when a comment may become a problem or trigger a potential crisis.
  • Analyze the competition : design your strategic analysis tools (benchmarking, SWOT Analysis, BCG Matrix, Porter’s 5 forces etc.) and it will be much easier if we monitor what the competition is doing.
  • Innovate in customer service : the information obtained from Social Media Listening are mostly opinions and comments about the product or service offered, based on this information, solid loyalty plans, after-sales strategies, satisfaction, etc. can be designed.

At V MAS IDEAS we help you generate a competitive advantage over your competition, always making decisions based on the analysis of the environment and generating innovative and creative digital marketing strategies that generate a differentiator. We want to work with your brand!

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