How To Do Simple Management Of AWS EC2

Gain control over AWS Services in Slack. Do it fast do it easy.

Save time and money.

Awsome is a tool that makes developer life much easier. From our Awsome console, you can manage your cloud instances on Amazon (AWS). Then, just use commands to manage everything.

How it works

Just connect with your favorite messaging platform like Slack.

Register Awesome account here:

⦁ Login into the Awsome console:

⦁ Go to “Connect with Slack or Microsoft” tab and click the “Sign in with Slack” button

Type @awsome start [instance-name] and we will start your instance for you.

No need for login cloud consoles, searching instances, everything is available from your favorite messaging platform.

Awsome will not be that awesome if is just for managing cloud instances.

We are adding more features that all developers can find them helpful.

Find all features here.

Stay tuned more are to come

Be an Awsome user.

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