How to Create Synergy between your ATL and BTL Campaign Strategy

ATL and BTL are two of the strategies most used by marketing and advertising professionals to carry out a campaign and achieve the objectives of each brand. They can be approached in several ways, either by publicizing products or services in an informative way, or by reaching a more specific audience that may become a potential customer.

The rivalry between brands presents a great challenge since there are more and more competitors in the same range, allowing customers to compare products and services, keeping the best option. It is for this reason that companies must create effective campaigns to attract potential consumers, trying to position themselves at the top of mind , retain them and achieve empathy with them.


The acronym ATL is the abbreviation in English for above the line (above the line), a strategy that refers to all advertising that is not directed to a specific audience. Its main objective is to publicize and inform about a product, that is, to achieve a positioning and brand identity .

The media that this technique uses are conventional media, also called traditional marketing, which do not reach a specific segmentation since, being mass media, the information is disseminated to anyone within reach of it.

Among the advantages that ATL has are:

  • Greater reach . Since they are mass media, millions of people can be reached.
  • Attractive content . With the use of images, videos and sounds that these means allow, the transmission of the message is done in a more creative way to impact the audience.
  • Brand building . Since the most important task in this area is to reach the largest part of the public, with these means it is possible to grow exponentially a product or company.

On the other hand, the acronym BTL comes from the English phrase below the line (under the line) and emphasizes that advertising that is segmented to a specific target audience. In it, a more direct and specific interaction is sought.
This strategy seeks to reach potential customers for the brand, direct consumers who can be loyal without any setback. Unlike ATL, the means used by BTL are those that get feedback quickly, since the actions carried out by BTL provide the opportunity for the public to participate and interact.

They can take the form of sponsorships, activations, or online postings. The latter refers mostly to social networks or websites. With these tools, the company can have access to large databases with leads and offer its services or products in an even more successful way. In addition, with the online strategy, Social Media Listening is carried out , essential today.

  • Specific orientation , since the actions within this strategy go to a specific segment of the population.
  • Control , since big data analytics allows us to extract important data to monitor the performance of the campaign.
  • Specific strategy that meets the needs of a target market.


Both ATL and BTL are strategies that help in an advertising campaign, depending on the objectives of the brand.
An example is when they take an ad in a traditional medium inviting people to participate in some dynamic via social networks, where they generate customer-brand experience and this gives them the opportunity for feedback for their next advertising campaigns.

Working in synergy with both strategies is something that the big brands have been working on for a couple of years. With the technological era in which we are today, brands take advantage of it to be in greater contact with their target market. We can help you achieve your goals! With media planning and digital marketing, our team will lead your company to success.


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