How to Create some Serious Buzz for your App!

One of the best ways to ensure that your app is successful is by getting lots of downloads. It’s a simple concept, but for the most part, downloads will translate to dollars. But simply launching an app doesn’t equal downloads.

Here are a few ways you can build some serious buzz for your app:

  1. Start building relationships with popular bloggers and editors of publications (go after the ones who publish content that appeals to your target audience) that might be willing to feature a review of your app. Keep in mind that you’ll need to do this far before your app’s launch so you have plenty of time to make genuine connections and get something published. (You can learn how to craft a good pitch by reading this blog post.)

  2. Post your app on PreApps. When you post your app in this online community, you can start building an email list and getting the feedback you need from your audience to launch the most successful app possible.

  3. Create a landing page. If you do this, make sure your page clearly states what your app does, who it’s for, and how it’s used. And don’t forget to use your landing page to capture email addresses – that way, you can stay in touch with your audience and let them know when your app is launched.

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Author – Robert Hughes,
Owner; Dev-Tech Solutions