A Successful App Build; 7 Step-Guide

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With about 64% of Americans owning a smartphone of some kind, it’s a great time to build an app for your business. There are so many ways an app will grow and help your business; it creates a direct marketing channel, provides value to your customers, it builds brand recognition, it will improve customer engagement, it will help you stand out from your competition, and will certainly cultivate customer loyalty, to name a few. So we thought it only fitting to provide you with a tool to make your next app build a success.

In this 7-Step Guide we’ll outline the following:
  • Step 1 – What is an App 
  • Step 2 – Facts about apps
  • Step 3 – Costs to develop
  • Step 4 – Native vs. Hybrid
  • Step 5 – Market Research
  • Step 6 – App Development
  • Step 7 – Market App

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Author – Robert Hughes,
Owner; Dev-Tech Solutions